Riverside Terrace is bigger than you think! As well as the portion in front of Royal Festival Hall, it extends right around Queen Elizabeth Hall.

There is more free, outdoor seating around there, perfect for enjoying food and drink from the Concrete Café in the foyer of Queen Elizabeth Hall.

You can also see the striking, Grade 2-listed metal sculpture Zemran, which was created by William Pye and unveiled on the Riverside Terrace in May 1972.

‘This is one of a series of pieces made from industrial components, inspired by the industrial landscape of factories, oil rigs and so on. A lot of the material came from the scrap yards of British Oxygen Cryogenic Plant in North London.’
 – William Pye, Sculptor

If you keep heading along Riverside Terrace, you'll find one of our brilliant restaurants – the Wahaca Experiment at Southbank Centre. Even if you're not hungry, it's worth taking a look as the restaurant is constructed from a series of shipping containers. You can then either take the stairs down to the Queen's Walk or continue around to Hayward Gallery.