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Steve Reich - Drumming and Tehillim

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Reich specialists the Colin Currie Group and Synergy Vocals present works exploring community and worship. The Telegraph has said of Reich that 'he can bring distant worlds together.' This concert's music came out of two research trips made by the composer to Ghana and Israel.

Percussion piece Drumming draws on the music made by Ghana's virtuosic Ewe drummers. It's made up of rhythmic loops which slowly evolve through subtle changes in timing and timbre. Reich had written that 'performing and listening to a gradual musical process resembles placing your feet in the sand by the ocean's edge and watching [...] the waves gradually bury them.'

The piece is paired with the joyous Tehillim, which incorporates both driving rhythms and vocals inspired by cantillation, the ritual chanting of the Hebrew Bible at synagogue.

Originally formed for a performance of Steve Reich's music, the Colin Currie Group continue to be closely associated with the influential Minimalist composer.


Colin Currie Group
Synergy Vocals


Reich: Tehillim
Steve Reich: Drumming

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Royal Festival Hall


£12 - £38
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