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This Way to Immortality

Part of Belief and Beyond Belief

Have a think about your digital self, and what becomes of it when you die, in this thought-provoking discussion.

When our bodies die what happens to our digital selves? From our Facebook pages to the possibility of digital algorithms which imitate our personalities, does technology now mean that we will continue to live in a digital form after we leave the physical world?

With new technologies being developed that could potentially extend the span of a human life, what does this mean for the human rites of passage, between childhood, adulthood and old age? Will it be possible to indefinitely defer death?

We bring together a panel of scientists, technologists and futurologists to debate technology and transcendence.

The panel includes psychoanalyst Josh Cohen, who is also professor of modern literary theory at Goldsmiths, University of London, and author of The Private Life: Why We Remain in the Dark; filmmaker Lotje Sodderland, who made the award-winning documentary My Beautiful Broken Brain following a stroke, which show the world from her perspective and hallucinations during that time; and Stacey Pistillides, a designer and PhD Design candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London, whose new exhibition Material Legacies, Landscape of the Lost focuses on how people understand their loved ones through the data and objects left behind.

Chaired by Anthony Anaxagorou, award-winning poet, short story writer, publisher and poetry educator.

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Royal Festival Hall
Blue Room, Level 1


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This event is included in both the Sunday and Weekend Passes, and is part of How Do We Live with Death? Weekend.