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Beyond Good and Evil

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Are we ready to move past the ideas of good and evil? From Hollywood movies to Twitter and the media, the world is often divided into good versus evil.

From Hollywood movies, to Twitter and the media, the world is often divided into good versus evil. But does seeing the world in these absolute terms prevent us from seeing the moral complexity of the world around us? And does this stop us from understanding the most pressing moral questions of our times? Is this way of seeing the world a legacy of religious teaching which often casts good as the opposite of evil? Or are good and evil useful ways of seeing a troubled world?

A panel of philosophers, religious leaders and educators discuss whether humanity is ready to move beyond good and evil including:

- Coline Covington, a Jungian analyst in private practice in London. She previously worked as a consultant to local authorities and the Metropolitan Police in the UK on juvenile justice policy. She is former Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council and a Fellow of International Dialogue Initiative. Her most recent book is Everyday Evils: A Psychoanalytic View of Evil and Morality.

- Dave Tomlinson was a house church leader for many years and is now an Anglican priest. Unable to accept the narrow restrictions of his tradition, he founded the legendary Holy Joe's, a church in a pub in Clapham for disaffected church drop-outs. He is now Vicar of St Luke's, Holloway, a thriving parish church in north London. He is the author of the seminal The Post-Evangelical, I Shall Not Want and Re-enchanting Christianity, How to Be a Bad Christian, The Bad Christian's Manifesto and Black Sheep and Prodigals: An Antidote to Black and White Religion.

- Dr Julian Baggini, philosopher and author of numerous books including most recently The Edge of Reason: A Rational Sceptic in an Irrational World.

Chaired by Ike Anya, who was born in Nigeria and qualified at the College of Medicine of the University of Nigeria in 1995. He is currently a consultant and associate director of public health and an honorary lecturer at Imperial College. He sits on the epidemiology and black and ethnic minority health section councils of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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Royal Festival Hall
The Clore Ballroom, Level 2


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