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Winter Choirs

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We welcome choirs throughout Winter festival to pop-up and perform around our site.

From seasonal songs, to classical, choral, jazz and pop, choirs of all shapes and sizes serenade audiences throughout the festive season.

Dates & times

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Riverside Terrace Café, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall



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Dates, times & choirs

Friday 2 December
6pm – 6.25pm: Bellow Fellows, Foyles Queen's Walk
6.30pm – 6.55pm: Battersea Power Station Community Choir, Mandela Statue
7.15pm – 7.45pm@ Raised Voices, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Saturday 3 December
1pm – 1.25pm: Southfields Sings! & Clapham Chorus, Foyles Queen's Walk
2pm – 2.25pm: London International Choir, Mandela Statue
6pm – 6.25pm: Treblemakers, Riverside Terrace Cafe

Sunday 4 December
1pm – 1.25pm: Isle of Dogs Community Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe
1.30pm – 1.55pm: City Lit A Capella, Mandela Statue
2.30pm – 2.55pm: Tottenham Community Choir, Mandela Statue
3pm – 3.25pm: The B.I.G. Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
5.30pm – 5.55pm: Capital Chorus, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Monday 5 December
7pm – 7.25pm: Achord Chamber Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Tuesday 6 December
6.30pm – 6.55pm: Polyphony Down The Pub, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
7.15pm – 7.40pm: The Barberfellas, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Wednesday 7 December
6.30pm – 6.55pm: Trade Winds, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Thursday 8 December
1pm – 1.25pm: Jubilee Primary School, Mandela Statue

Friday 9 December
7pm – 7.20pm: Bella Cora, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Saturday 10 December
4pm – 4.25pm: Vocalese,Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
5pm – 5.25pm: Glee Club UK, Mandela Statue

Sunday 11 December
1.30pm – 1.55pm: White Doves Choir, Mandela Statue
4.30pm – 4.55pm: Vocality - Twickenham, Mandela Statue
5.30pm – 5.55pm: Certitude Community Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
6pm – 6.25pm: Raise the Roof - Horniman Museum's Choir in Residence, Mandela Statue
6.30pm – 6.55pm: Mind And Soul Community Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
7.30pm – 7.55pm: Real Voices, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Monday 12 December
7.30pm – 7.55pm: Seer Green Singers, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Tuesday 13 December
1pm – 1.25pm: Vauxhall Primary School, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
7.30pm – 7.55pm: Renegade Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Wednesday 14 December
1pm – 1.25pm: Crown Lane School, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
6.30pm – 6.55pm: Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
7pm – 7.25pm: BIG Sing London Voices, Mandela Statue

Thursday 15 December
6.30pm – 6.55pm: Maspindzeli, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Friday 16 December
1pm – 1.25pm: Greenway School & St Thomas More School, Mandela Statue
7.30pm – 7.55pm: The Sometimes Singers, Mandela Statue

Saturday 17 December
1pm – 1.25pm: NDCS Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
2pm – 2.25pm: The Voice Club, Mandela Statue
3pm – 3.30pm: Castle Choir, Mandela Statue
6pm – 6.25pm: E20 Community Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
6.30pm – 6.55pm: The Few, Mandela Statue
7pm – 7.20pm: Kennington Community Choir, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)
7.45pm – 8.10pm: Vox Collective, Riverside Terrace Cafe (Indoors)

Sunday 18 December
5pm – 5.25pm: Allsorts Community Choir, Mandela Statue
6pm – 6.25pm: The Choir School, Mandela Statue

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