The Monkey Trial

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Hear about the famous and still-relevant Scopes Monkey Trial, which pitted evolutionism versus creationism. In 1925, the American State of Tennessee took a young biology teacher named John Thomas Scopes to court because he taught evolutionism.

In this theory, Darwin states that man was not created by God, as the Bible claims, but that he descended from the ape. Teaching this was against the law at the time, as all subject matter had to respect biblical history.

The case of this biology teacher became a clash of the titans between fundamentalism and modernism, religion and science, and dogma and intellectual freedom.

The court case made headlines and was dubbed 'The Monkey Trial'. The transcription of the proceedings makes for a fascinating, thrilling and still astonishingly topical read.

Belgian theatre company STAN (Stop Thinking About Names), is a collective formed by Jolente De Keersmaeker, Sara De Roo, Damiaan De Schrijver and Frank Vercruyssen. Founded in the late-1980s at the Antwerp Conservatorium, their work explores the human condition including our beliefs and our concerns.

‘I believe God did create the world. And I think we're finding out more and more and more as to how it actually happened.’
(George W. Bush, interview in U.S. News, 6 December 1999)

‘After all, religion has been around a lot longer than Darwinism.’
(George W. Bush, George magazine, September 2000)

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