Stories of Creation

Part of Belief and Beyond Belief

How did we get here and how was our world created? Storytellers, poets, musicians and artists share their own interpretations of creation stories from global cultures and religions.

Hosted by broadcaster and vocalist Jumoké Fashola, hear stories from Norse and African mythology, and interpretations of Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian religions.

Featuring storytellers Nick Hennessey and Jumana Moon; poet Maitreyabandhu; hundreds of singers from Singology Gospel Choir with Mark De-Lisser; Corali Dance Company; children from Avanti Schools Trust; and a collaboration by Eden Girls School, MUJU and 3FF.

It’s an enduring question for humanity, with myriad answers and explanations which attempt to uncover what our place in the world means.

1pm: Jumoké Fashola
Today’s host Jumoké Fashola is presenter of BBC Radio’s London’s Inspirit programme, who begins by telling us a creation story from Africa, accompanied by Richard Olatunde Baker on talking drum.

1.15pm: Avanti Schools
Watch interpretations of Hindu creation stories performed by children from Avanti Schools Trust, a family of schools which share the ideals of educational excellence, character formation and spiritual insight.

1.35pm: Jumana Moon
Reflect on your role as a creator and caretaker of the world with Islamic creation stories told by Jumana Moon, a storyteller who is particularly inspired by stories from her faith.

1.50pm: Corali
Contemporary dance inspired by the life of Lord Krishna, exploring ancient stories, animals and archetypal characters.

2.10pm: Maitreyabandhu
Buddhist and poet Maitreyabandhu recites poetry and leads short meditations inspired by Buddhist ideas of rebirth.

2.25pm: Eden Girls' School
Students from Islamic faith school, Eden Girls' School in Waltham Forest, perform their interpretations of Islamic creation stories developed through collaboration with artists Salman Siddiqui and Karol Silva, MUJU, 3FF and HEC Global Learning Centre.

2.45pm: Nick Hennessey
Hear Nordic creation stories told by performer Nick Hennessey, who in 2002 won the World Championship in epic-singing performing the Kalevala, a Finnish national epic.

3pm: Singology Gospel Choir
Voices are raised in gospel songs of praise inspired by Christian creation, performed by hundreds of singers from Singology Gospel Choir, directed by Mark De Lisser and Toni Robinson.

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Royal Festival Hall
The Clore Ballroom, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall