Stories through sound: sound design with School of Noise

Part of Imagine Children's Festival

Create a backing track to your favourite bedtime story in this experimental workshop. School of Noise teaches you Foley sound design and how to recreate the sound effects you imagine in a story: is that a hot crackling fire, or are you popping bubble wrap and crunching tin foil?

Can you hear a horse galloping, or are you banging empty coconuts in a sandpit? Turn fruit and vegetables into instruments, and use sound machines to create a musical soundtrack to accompany your story. Each workshop takes a different part of the same story to create a backing track.

School of Noise runs workshops encouraging the exploration of noise, sound and music. Their aim is to provide creative and imaginative activities using sound in accessible, fun and educational ways.

Dates & times

This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
Weston Roof Pavilion, Level 6, Green Side


Booking fee: £3.50 (Members £0.00)

need to know

£5 per child. Accompanying adults go free and do not need to purchase a ticket.

Age recommendation
For ages 7 – 12 only