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The Many Fictions of William Boyd

William Boyd takes to the stage alone to talk about his life as a creator of many fictions, beginning with the publication of his first novel, A Good Man In Africa in 1981, and ending with an exclusive reading from his latest book of short stories, The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth, that appears this November.

Boyd has written 15 novels, published around the world and translated into over 36 languages. Not to mention four collections of short stories, screenplays for 17 films and television mini-series, and three produced plays.

That’s a lot of fiction for one man, and Boyd relates the stories and struggles that have ensued in his long and lively career. Stories that not only include the inspiration for some of his most famous novels – Brazzaville Beach, Any Human Heart and Sweet Caress, to name but three – but als other matters arising from the business of writing for a living, and living for writing.

Such as an 11-year lawsuit against his French publisher (for theft), the particular problem of trying to write a James Bond novel, and – perhaps the most perplexing of the many fictions Boyd has created – the history of his collaboration with David Bowie in the evolution of his entirely made-up American artist Nat Tate (1928 – 1960), and the art world hoax that followed.

It should be a creatively intriguing and revelatory encounter. And William Boyd, the real one, will definitely be there.

Copies of the new book The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth are available for £12.99 when you buy a ticket to the event, to be collected at the event.

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