Spoken word & Live literature


Part of WOW – Women of the World

Help a group of women from East London, aged 14 to 80, track down what the most crucial rules of decorum are for women of the 21st century, in a mix of performance, conversation and uncalled-for advice.

What is ‘good behaviour’ and ‘etiquette’? What are the rules around how things are, or should be done, and are these any use to us today?

This intergenerational group share their wisdom and collect dilemmas from the audience throughout the show. The group is made up of young women from Mulberry School for Girls and older women from across Tower Hamlets.

They have been working with Magic Me, one of the UK’s leading intergenerational arts organisations, and artists Sue Mayo and Ellie Sikorski, over the last two months, in an investigation that continues through 2017, when they hope to have found the golden rules of decorum.

Dates & times

This event has passed.


Riverside Terrace Café, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall



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Hot dogs from Oh My Dog! at Southbank Centre
When was the last time a hot dog made you say Oh My Dog!?
Exterior view of Giraffe restaurant at the Southbank Centre
Giraffe's all about freshly cooked food served to the sound of great music