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Admire this handmade textile installation, created specifically for The Clore Ballroom and Alchemy by designers, architects and craftsmen: Salman Jawed, Mustafa Mehdi, Faiza Adamjee, Zaid Hameed, Ali Asghar, and Hina Fancy from Karachi, Pakistan.

Khat pronounced 'khut' refers to the name widely used for Islamic calligraphy in Urdu. The work makes reference to the partition of the British Indian Empire in 1947 to create India and Pakistan. Even in post Partition times it has never been possible to divide the languages of Urdu and Hindi as they are mutually intelligible; Pakistanis and Indians converse freely, watch each other's movies and dramas and relate to a common past.

The work reflects Pakistan’s rich culture and local craftsmanship. Each silk panel has been screen printed by hand with organic and natural dyes. The artists have experimented with different colours of Henna, locally called Mehendi, a dye made from ground berries from the Mehendi tree. It is found in different shades, ranging from black to light, sharp orange.

For the screen printing process each screen is mounted on a wooden frame, then the artist mixes the dyes and layers the design using different tones.

In partnership with Amal – A Saïd Foundation Project

Dates & times

19 May 2017 - 29 May 2017
Approximate run time: 780 mins
  • May 2017

    • Fri 19 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Sat 20 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Sun 21 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Mon 22 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Tue 23 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Wed 24 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Thu 25 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Fri 26 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Sat 27 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Sun 28 May 2017
      • 10:00 am
    • Mon 29 May 2017
      • 10:00 am


The Clore Ballroom, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall



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