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Afro Play – Colour vs Place

Part of Africa Utopia

Indulge your senses – watch, listen and take part.

Afro Play – Colour vs Place is a provocative performance designed to spark conversation and develop an alternative understanding of why we connect with African culture.

Five Northern artists share how Africanism and related dance forms have become part of their identity. Depicting how African dance is not defined by your colour or postcode, that it is what it is, and the 'is' is very different for each who encounters it.

Allow yourself to question why and what connects you to African culture.

After the performance, take part in an African dance class where you can feel the rhythms and express yourself to a fusion of African beats. The workshop is designed for all ages and abilities.

There is also a second performance after the African Dance workshop.

Challenging conceptions of the African diaspora and culture, the project and workshop is led by One Dance UK Trailblazer Champion 2017, Ithalia Forel.

Artistic collaborators, creators and performers Akeim Touissant Buck, Charlene Kaliyati, Lauren Tucker, Maria Malone, Talisha Thomas-Lindsay
Music Performers
Director and Choreographer Ithalia Forel
Contributions from Alesandra Seutin (Vocab Dance), Mary Pearson (Failure Lab) and Jennifer John (Sense of Sound).

Dates & times

This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
Riverside Terrace, Level 2