The Wind and the Sun

Part of Summertime

Watch a two-person outdoor circus theatre show that celebrates the British weather, by way of Aesop’s fable.

Two rival siblings battle the elements in a competition to prove their strength. The turbulent struggle of Sun versus Wind heats up as the audience gets involved in true street style. Children have the chance to help create the different weather conditions needed for the show because, as we know, you can’t always trust the British weather…

This bright and colourful spectacle combines juggling, manipulation skills and acrobatics into an imaginative narrative for all ages.

Created by Tell Tale Hearts and Serious Mischief Theatre company (formerly In-Situ Circus Theatre).

Commissioned by Wild Rumpus and supported by The Civic, Barnsley. Also supported by Arts Council England, Kirklees Council and Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Dates & times

29 Jul 2017 - 30 Jul 2017
Approximate run time: 30 mins
  • July 2017

    • Sat 29 July 2017
      • 11:00 am
      • 1:00 pm
      • 2:30 pm
    • Sun 30 July 2017
      • 11:00 am
      • 1:00 pm
      • 2:30 pm


Guest venues
Under Hungerford Bridge, Builders' Yard



before & after

EAT Cafe at the Southbank
EAT. creates, makes and serves fresh food to go including soups, hot pots, salads and sandwiches
Exterior view of YO! Sushi at the Southbank Centre
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