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Creation (Pictures for Dorian) by Gob Squad

Creation is the realm of gods and artists who create beauty through sheer will and their own bare hands. But who decides what is beautiful?

Gob Squad Arts Collective have travelled the world for the past 25 years and now find themselves well and truly middle-aged, with no desire to exit the stage just yet.

In Creation (Pictures for Dorian), they are joined onstage by local performers a generation younger and a generation older than themselves.

Their aim? To peep behind the vanity mirror and search for answers to questions of beauty, morality, ageing and power, and to playfully ask why they so crave the eye of the beholder.

The project is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s character, Dorian Gray, who meddles in the domain of the gods with the aid of a magical painting.

He suspends the process of ageing and remains young and beautiful forever, at a terrible cost to his soul.

There’s probably a little bit of Dorian in all of us. What happens when he is denied the limelight forever?

Creation (Pictures for Dorian) is part of LIFT 2018, a London-wide festival of international performance taking place throughout June. Creation (Pictures for Dorian) is co-commissioned by LIFT, Brighton Festival and Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

Dates & times

4 Jun 2018 - 7 Jun 2018
Approximate run time: 80 mins
Run times may vary, find out more


Purcell Room


Booking fee: £2.50 (Members £0.00)

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Age recommendation
For ages 14+.