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Witness dialogues between British and contemporary Nordic authors across two days of talks and readings.

An array of award-winning and internationally celebrated names from across disciplines join the rising stars of the region, in this series aiming to open up dimensions between literature and the ways we construct and shape our present day reality, and offer up new ways of thinking about our shared future.

In a world increasingly caught between extremes, from political upheavals to the reality of changing climate, what role can literature play in reimagining our relationship to the planet, ourselves and each other?

Literature from the north has long been shaped by its relationship to the natural world, from ancient myths to contemporary writing that captures the ebb and flow of life across the region. From sustainable metropolises, to immense forests and rural island life, the lay of the land in the north often defines the narratives of those who live there, and has given rise to literature finely aware of the delicate balance of life.

Combined with a progressive willingness to tackle the pressing issues of our times, and the historical narratives which brought us to this point, Nordic authors are deeply attuned to the challenges of the present and offer essential insights into the way we live now.

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