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Friday Tonic: Ösp Eldjárn

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Start your Friday evening off with Icelandic folk from Ösp. Hailing from a valley in the north of Iceland, she makes music that reflects the folk songs of her native country and absorbs the artistry of contemporary London songwriting.

Hear soaring melody-led songs laced with emotional power in this Friday Tonic set.

After studying classical singing and jazz singing, Ösp moved to London to study further and to pursue a solo career, having released two successful albums with her brother and friends, as the band Brother Grass.

Inspired by the vocals of Ella Fitzgerald, the stories of Joni Mitchell and by her own nordic folk roots, she began to write her own songs. For the past three years, together with pianist/singer/guitarist, Helga Ragnarsdóttir, bassist Sam Pegg and singers Maiken Marlen Sundby and Marit Røkeberg, Ösp has performed in various music venues and festivals in the UK and Iceland, such as Cambridge Folk Festival, Festival No6, UnampliFire and Reykjavík Folk Festival.

Her debut album, Tales From A Poplar Tree was released earlier this year.

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Royal Festival Hall
Central Bar Foyer, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall