Florence To: Cyema

Part of China Changing Festival

Let sonic vibrations lull you, as you enter a soundscape where iron gongs ring out, matched to live responsive visuals.

Created by artist Florence To, the room you step into features an instrument constructed of reconstructed iron gongs, originally discovered in old clocks that produce a reverse-chord when struck. In this progressive performance, the acoustics of this instrument, together with a synced visual element, explore the emotional triggers within vibrations and how the harmonies and overtones created work within the space.

As a designer first, Florence To developed her creative practice producing sound and light installations to create an awareness of the organised elements in architecture.

To has created and performed audiovisual projects within Europe and the States for the last seven years, also previously doing residencies at the Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT] in Montreal, 4DSOUND Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, and most recent installation EOAN was realised by the European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation (ENCAC) which was first shown in Belgrade in 2017. She is currently part of a creative fellowship with the DCN (Department of Clinical Neuroscience) in Edinburgh.

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Royal Festival Hall
Blue Room, Level 1


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China Changing festival: Florence To