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Class: Boys and Education

Part of Being A Man

Social class can define the chances of young men and boys, and how they perform in the classroom. But can being born into an upper class also come with its disadvantages?

What are the challenges that boys from working class backgrounds face in the education system and how do they compare to public schooling, which is rife with bullying and outdated ideas of masculinity?

We take a 360-degree look at the experiences of boys in the education system, both public and private.

Speakers include:

- Award-winning journalist and author Alex Renton, whose most recent book is Stiff Upper Lip: Secrets, Crimes and the Schooling of a Ruling Class (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

- Caleb Femi, Young People's Laureate for London, who is also an English teacher, filmmaker and photographer

- Eoin McKenzie, WHY Young Activist 2017 and Glaswegian conceptual artist who works within the realms of performance, live interaction, and often in collaboration with a variety of spaces and places and the people who occupy them. He is passionate about emotional literacy, vulnerability and sensitivity in relation to 'teaching masculinities' within classrooms.

Chaired by David Brockway who runs the Great Men Value Women campaign and the Great Men workshop programme.

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Royal Festival Hall
Level 5 Function Room, Green Side


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