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Anders Sunna: Area Infected

Part of London Literature Festival

Get an insight into rapidly changing Sami communities with art created by Anders Sunna that gives an unflinching account of the lengthy conflict between his family and the authorities.

The Sami, the Nordic countries’ indigenous people, have been fighting for the restoration of their land rights over several decades. Area Infected depicts the forcible removal of Sunna’s family and their reindeer.

Sunna channels his feelings of anger, injustice and frustration through his painting and his other works. To him, his powerful imagery serves as inspiration for the next generation to continue highlighting this bleak reality, in order to incite change to current legislation.

Anders Sunna comes from Kieksiäisvaara, in the far north of Sweden, and lives and works in Jokkmokk, Sweden.

Part of Nordic Matters

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Royal Festival Hall
Blue Side Foyer, Level 2