Máret Ánne Sara: Oaivemozit/Madness

Part of London Literature Festival

Get an insight into the ongoing industrialisation of the northern areas of Norway, traditionally Sami lands, in this series of eleven prints by artist Máret Ánne Sara describing madness on many levels.

Reindeer herders in the Nordic regions are gradually being pressured out of their lands due to industrial establishments and growing infrastructure for the growing society – a process that threatens the existence of the Sami people and their culture. The undocumented consequences of this on the environment and Sami people has led to a madness that has occupied Máret Ánne Sara for years. Originally from a reindeer herding family she asks, who is mad? The Sami communities foreseeing a world on the brink of destruction? Or the people denying the drastic consequences foreseen by the people affected, or simply herself?

Máret Ánne Sara comes from Kautokeino in Northern Norway where she lives and works.

Part of Nordic Matters

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Royal Festival Hall
Blue Side Foyer, Level 3