Aurora by Animorph

Part of World on the Brink

Feel the poetic sensation of the Northern Lights in our metropolitan surroundings with Aurora by Animorph, an installation using cutting-edge immersive technology.

Taking place on the upper floors of Royal Festival Hall, with a view of the Thames and iconic London skyline, Aurora allows participants to look out on the landscape through an augmented reality headset, giving them the ability to create Aurora-like shapes in the night sky with the gestures of their hands.

During this experience, you can hear poetry about the aurora (another name for the Northern Lights) written by Sigbjørn Skåden, a contemporary writer from Northern Scandinavia's Sami people. The Sami are a tribe who continue to live in proximity to nature, and a traditional belief is that the Northern Lights are the spirits of those who passed away.

The installation is a platform which allows participants to create an impression of the Northern Lights while experiencing a poetic and authentic cultural connection.

Part of Nordic Matters

Dates & times

This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
Balcony Terrace, Level 5


Free, but ticketed

need to know

Please arrive at the performance space with your ticket 10 minutes before the advertised start time. We cannot guarantee a place for participants arriving after this time.