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CANCELLED: Selkie and Mermaid stories with Nicola Davies

Part of Imagine Children's Festival

Hear stories about Selkies, beings who exist in two worlds: sometimes as seals and sometimes human. All along the Atlantic coast of Scotland and Ireland, wherever people make a living from the sea, there are songs and stories about these mysterious beings. There are also many stories around the world of mermaids who wait beneath the waves to steal the hearts of sailors.

These tales are rooted in real stories about Inuit hunters but not every story can be explained without a little bit of magic. Join Nicola Davies to hear about selkies and mermaids, the places they inhabit and magical tales retold.

Dates & times

This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
Level 5 Function Room, Green Side


£10 Adult £5 Child
Booking fee: £3.00 (Members £0.00)
£10 Adult £5 Child

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Age recommendation
For ages 9 – 12
Each child must be accompanied an adult at all times.

£10 adult, £5 child