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Give in to glitter at a charismatic live performance from glam-rocking Korean folk fusion band SsingSsing.

The band combine elements of funk with traditional Korean folk music and shamanist traditions, which sees two male vocalists performing as female characters, alongside one female vocalist, in a captivating, witty style.

According to vocalist Hee-moon Lee, ‘In Korean traditional art, male shamans, called baksu, have the body of a male. But as mediums, they need more than a single sexual identity, because they're channeling both male and female spirits.’

Part of K-Music Festival 2018

Very glam, very rock and roll and very ready to play with the concept of gender
Hee-moon Lee, Da-hye Choo and Seung-tae Shin strutted and harmonized like a young Madonna on steroids
New York Music Daily

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Purcell Room


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