The Blind Poet - Jan Lauwers & Needcompany

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The Blind Poet by Needcompany

Travel back in time to ponder the notion of identity in today’s multicultural Europe.

Acclaimed international performance group Needcompany present the UK premiere of The Blind Poet, a story built from the performers’ family trees and based on their various nationalities, cultures and languages.

It is a show about women who throw stones and end up being burned at the stake, and about a crusader in armour that is too small. The show is inspired by poetry that describes a time in which women held positions of power and atheism was commonplace.

History is written by the victors – by men. How much has the history we know actually been determined by lies, chance encounters and events along the way?

Directed by Jan Lauwers.

A large tale with great characters who, as if they came straight out of a deep and extravagant dream, paint an accurate story of history, identity, immigration and the acceptance of others
La Nación

Dates & times

2 Oct 2018
Approximate run time: 140 mins
Run times may vary, find out more


Queen Elizabeth Hall


£18 - £24
Booking fee: £2.50 (Members £0.00)


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