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Listen to the Conversation

Part of Alchemy

Listen to the Conversation is an expressive platform presenting words of power from three of the leading women in spoken word and expressive song writing. They reflect on issues of identity, womanhood, religion and belonging.

Amerah Saleh
A spoken word artist hailing from Birmingham, Saleh’s Muslim Yemeni roots give her space to get lost and found on multiple occasions between identities. She is the Co-Founder of Verve Poetry Press and a producer at Free Radical, as part of The Beatfreeks Collective. Having performed all around Europe, Saleh releases her first collection, I Am Not From Here, in April 2018. Her work touches on identity, womanhood, religion and the obscure idea of belonging only to one place.

Alisha Kabir
Alisha Kabir is a singer and songwriter from Birmingham whose music reflects the creativity of working people – her music is often used as a political voice. Her songs run the emotional gamut, ranging from righteous indignation at the world's many injustices incorporating in a light, complex and elegant musical confections making her the brightest, most engaging songwriters of our generation.

Jasmine Ann Cooray
Jasmine Ann Cooray is a spoken word poet and writer from London. Her poetry style is literal and lyrical, touching on a number of different subjects. Covering nearly everything from identity and feminism, her poetry is consistently and effortlessly moving. Her words are powerful and her performances are always electric and intimate.

Part of Shaanti’s Female Takeover
Birmingham-based Shaanti collective have been pioneering British Asian music since 1999. For Alchemy 2018, they curate a day of live shows, workshops and exclusive performances recognising the women changing the sound and soul of British Asian music. Shaanti promote gender equality, inclusion and opportunities for women working in music.

Throughout the day, see phenomenal artists working across different genres, including spoken word, electronica and indie rock.

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Queen Elizabeth Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer