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Truth by Helen Chadwick Song Theatre

Reflect on the notion of truth and lies in our messy modern age in this thought-provoking musical theatre performance.

Helen Chadwick and Steven Hoggett create a spellbinding fusion of song and choreography, using testimonies collected from all over the world – from Hackney to Norway, Manchester to Mexico. By turns devastating, hilarious and touching, these stories describe a moment when someone told a truth or a lie and the impact of doing so.

Truth has been created in the world of post-truth and fake news. How does telling the truth or lying shape the rest of our lives? What is the impact of speaking the truth about a family, a person, a country? Does the truth exist?

Delivered by the deeply affecting vocals of the cast. It’s hard not to be swept up by the beauty of Truth. ★★★★★
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Purcell Room


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For ages 12+.