Injustice of Tou O, woman on stage

窦娥宣传片终版 - The Injustice to Tou O

Performance & Dance

The Injustice to Tou O

Part of China Changing Festival

Shudder to a 13th-century supernatural tale of love and intrigue in a performance accompanied by film and live music.

Tou O is framed for a murder she didn’t commit.

The judge sent to the city is Tou Tienchang, her father, whom Tou O has not seen for 13 years. She hopes he will save her, but he pronounces her guilty.

In desperation, Tou O curses the city. Its flag will be drenched in blood, snow will fall in June and there will be three years of drought.

Based on Guan Hanqing’s classic text, the Injustice to Tou O is a story that has haunted generations.

Performed by a company of ten, Injustice to Tou O stars director Ding Yiteng, who has twice been nominated for the Most Promising Young Chinese Theatre Artist of the Year (2015 and 2016).

Based in Beijing, he has swiftly developed a reputation for delighting audiences with visually impressive, energetic and thought-provoking theatre.

The performance is followed by a Q&A session with Ding Yiteng.

Presented by Performance Infinity.

Elements of the show are performed in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Dates & times

7 Oct 2018
Approximate run time: 60 mins
Run times may vary, find out more


Queen Elizabeth Hall


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