Nico Casal, composer and performer

Nico Casal

From East London to Hollywood: a pianist and composer makes a debut that speaks to his rapid rise, solo album Alone.

The Spanish-born artist is known for film scores including the music for the 2016 Oscar-winning short, Stutterer.

Alone is conceived as a soundtrack to Casal’s life, born on a solitary Sunday.

Alone was born on a solitary rainy Sunday in Casal's bedroom. Casal was at a low point, living in London, and as he sat down and began to play a structured improvisation on his piano to express how he was feeling, he had no intention of releasing it or showing it to anyone.

Fast forward two years and the debut album is now set for release with Nico now ready to tell his story.

Dates & times

29 Mar 2019
Approximate run time: 135 mins
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Purcell Room


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