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Meet Lili, a visitor from a future without humans. She is a manikin, a mirror, a cipher – and an art installation by Academy Award-winning designer Tim Yip.

Standing five metres tall, Lili wears a costume created by Tim Yip as part of his project Cloud. She accompanies the designer on his travels around the globe.

Lili’s story imagines a time where only our artificial environments remain. She is an inhabitant of the border with another dimension, occupying a psychological space into which we can project from the deeper recesses of our own memory.

Tim Yip is a world-renowned Chinese art director and costume designer best known for his work on the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, for which he won an Academy Award for his art direction and a BAFTA for his costume design.

He works in high fashion, live performance and film in Hollywood and the Chinese film industry.

Presented by Tim Yip Studios as part of Cloud.

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This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
Blue Side Foyer, Level 2



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This event is inspired by Tim Yip’s project Cloud, presented at the culmination of China Changing Festival in Cloud Show.

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