Tree Mantra by Charwei Tsai

Part of China Changing Festival

Witness art in the making as artist Charwei Tsai transcribes a Buddhist text on the trunk of a tree in Chinese calligraphy.

The artist transcribes the Heart Sutra, a text she learned by memory during her childhood in Taiwan; it is a pillar of Buddhist wisdom, evoking the evanescence of all things.

You are invited to attend the writing process, a meeting between man and nature, to observe both the gesture of mark-making and the skill of traditional calligraphy.

Tsai, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate, creates highly personal yet universal work considering the relationship between humans and nature in relation to geographical and social constructs, often incorporating calligraphy and rituals.

Presented by Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art.

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This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
Green Side Foyer, Level 2



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Event information
There is an opportunity to meet the artist and hear more about her work at the discussion event Art and the Practice of Sustainability at 4pm.