performance & dance
performance & dance

Winter's a DRAG

Part of Winter

Top up your seasonal cheer at this day-long event with London’s best drag kings and queens.

Fed up with the cold? Feel like winter just drags on and on? Can’t face another day at home with your family? Come join us for a day that's not a drag.

12.00 – 2.00pm FFS!! FOR FESTIVE SAKE!!
Escape the festive flurry of consumerism and join the world’s number one ecologically friendly bearded drag lady Timberlina for songs, stories and a chance to sign your very own pledge to be green in 2019.

2.30 – 5pm
The Cocoa Butter Club drag you out of your winter slumber with creative activities for all the family. Award-winning Rhys' Pieces is in the building, teaching sharp drag queen dance moves. Drag king Chiyo graces the stage for kids’ poetry – plus strut your stuff and show us what you've got.

5.30 – 7pm
We bring you the best performances of queer drag kings and queens from bold and beautiful bodies of colour. Just when you thought the day was done, Sadie Sinner gives an opulent performance, dragging you songbird style with the sounds of neo-soul, disco and R&B classics.

Dates & times

This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
The Clore Ballroom, Level 2