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Extracts of Pan: Community Workshop with Claire Chase

Part of SoundState

Get a taste of the limelight by performing alongside visionary artist, flautist and composer Claire Chase in Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Learn directly from the performer, educator, collaborative artist and new music advocate in this workshop, and perform alongside her during Density 2036 in Queen Elizabeth Hall on 18 January.

Composed by Marcos Balter, Pan – part performance, part ritual – puts Chase’s virtuosic flute playing at the heart of an electronic soundscape inspired by the mythic demigod. During the performance, she is surrounded on stage by members of a purpose-built musical community – which could include you.

You don’t need any experience in reading music, playing an instrument or singing. This opportunity is open to everyone who can attend this workshop and commit to the evening performance.

The piece, with music by Marcos Balter, tells a version of the mythical story of the demigod Pan while exploring how storytelling and music can bring people together

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This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
Blue Room, Level 1



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If this sounds like you, please complete this application form by 12 noon on Wednesday 9 January.
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This workshop prepares participants to perform in Claire Chase’s experimental 22-year project Density 2036.
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