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David Batchelor: Sixty Minute Spectrum Redux (2018)

Part of Winter

See the distinctive architecture of our venues illuminated in dramatic colour with a new large-scale light commission by artist David Batchelor.

Sixty Minute Spectrum Redux (2018) highlights the rooftops and balconies of Queen Elizabeth Hall, Hayward Gallery and Royal Festival Hall, all now open after a long period of restoration. Sequenced to start and end with a vivid red, the lights appear at different points throughout their cycle in orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or pink, and all the colours in between.

The work is an extension of Sixty Minute Spectrum (2017), which was commissioned to provide a countdown to the reopening of Hayward Gallery. It is part of Batchelor’s ongoing exploration of the intense, synthetic colour that characterises modern cities, and the ways in which we respond to colour in our advanced technological age.

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This event has passed.


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