Friday Lunch: Miss Jacqui

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The spoken word artist and songwriter who found the spotlight after performing at the 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony wants us to break the rules for a reason.

A wheelchair user herself, Miss Jacqui creates music to help her listeners see the world differently, and to feel confident in being themselves.

She says, ‘When you are a minority in a minority in a minority, you have no choice but to stand out.’

Her debut EP Perception is about working with the cards you are dealt, and gives us a glimpse into what it means to be black woman with a disability.

Having spent over ten years on the poetry circuit after joining the Poets’ Platform collective and being mentored by poetry legend Kat Francois, Miss Jacqui is now taking on the music industry.

The lead single ‘Freedom’ is about setting yourself free from anything that is holding you back – whether that be society, life, or work.

As an ambassador and an advocate for many charities close to her, Miss Jacqui is determined to bring about positive change through community and art.

Miss Jacqui believes that creativity can be a universal language, and with Perception is once again ready thrust stories like hers into public consciousness.

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Royal Festival Hall
Central Bar, Level 2