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Big Love Tea Dance Extravaganza Day

Part of Social Dance

In the month of love, celebrate with us on a day dedicated to tea dances with demonstrations, workshops and performance.

There’s no need to bring a partner, no previous dancing experience is necessary and you don’t have to book.

Learn new dance skills as our DJ and performers guide you around the dancefloor to classics from rhumba to cha-cha-cha, tango to quick-step, waltz to foxtrot.

10.30am – 11am, DJ Set: Nick Miles
Get up and dance to this entertaining mix of music

11am – 12 noon, Dance Workshop: Queer Tango London
Queer tango is authentic Argentinian tango without the conventional allocation of leader and follower roles according to gender. It emerged out of the LGBTQ+ community to counter homophobia and promote inclusivity, but can be danced by anyone. The session is led by tango teacher Ray Batchelor.

12 noon – 1pm, Dance Workshop: Swing Patrol
Try something new with this easy and immersive taster lesson in swing dancing.

1pm – 1.15pm, Dance Performance: Tea Trolley Dancers

1.15pm – 2pm, Dance Workshop: Selector Ti Ling
Selector Ti Ling and DJ Tim Tom give a fun lesson in country and western dancing with a Caribbean twist.

2pm – 2.40pm, DJ Set: Super Sarah

2.45pm – 3.30pm, DJ Set: Mr Wonderful

3.35pm – 3.45pm, Dance Performance: Pink Dancers
The Pink Dancers are a lesbian and gay ballroom and Latin dance team. They often change partners on the dance floor to break down traditional gender restrictions, presenting different combinations of leading and following roles.

3.45pm – 4.25pm, DJ Set: Jacky Jukebox
Jacky Logan presents a set of Ballroom and Latin dance music.

4.30pm – 5.10pm, DJ Set: Mr Music
Join DJ Mr Music (aka David and Diane) for a strictly fun tea dance. With over 40 years of dancing experience, they know exactly what to play to keep your feet moving on the dance floor.

5.10pm – 5.50pm, DJ Set: Nick Miles

5.50pm – 6pm, Dance Performance: The Twin Swing
Enjoy a performance by twin sister act Emily and Jessica Evans.

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This event has passed.


Royal Festival Hall
The Clore Ballroom, Level 2



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