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The Dream Without a Name

Part of New Music Biennial

Envelop yourself in jazz inspired by the ideas of poet Langston Hughes, presented by pianist and composer Sarah Tandy.

Tandy hails from West London, and her music has been shaped by the city's thriving and diverse live music scene.

An in-demand pianist on the live performance circuit with credits from Jazz Jamaica, Nu Civilisation Orchestra, Maisha and more, Tandy releases her much-anticipated debut album this year.

As one of the key figures of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes was writing at a time when his city was experiencing a pivotal moment in its cultural history. His writing has helped to shape the identity of jazz in the popular consciousness.

For this piece, some of his ideas about music, love and city life are explored within the musical context of the UK scene, where many aspects of that traditional jazz mythology are being creatively re-interpreted, and the pioneering spirit continues to thrive in diverse city environments.

She is one of the brightest sparks on an increasingly lively UK youth-jazz scene
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Queen Elizabeth Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer



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The 15-minute piece is performed twice, with a short Q&A session with the composer between the performances.