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Music for Seven Ice Cream Vans: Weekend Installation

Part of New Music Biennial

Do you remember hearing the siren song of the neighbourhood ice cream van as a child? This nostalgic sound floods Southbank Centre’s outdoor spaces.

Ice cream vans call out to one another in this pop-up which reimagines that ubiquitous childhood sound. The vans, each with their own individual harmony, create a mesmerising symphony of different clustered sounds and a shared soundscape for unsuspecting audiences.

Written by award-winning composer Dan Jones, this brand-new iteration of Music For Seven Ice Cream Vans is commissioned by Absolutely Cultured and created especially for PRSF New Music Biennial 2019 and was originally co-commissioned by LIFT, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Blackpool Council and Sydney Festival.

Dates & times

This event has passed.


Outdoor spaces
Royal Festival Hall Wall, Queen Elizabeth Hall Side



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