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Violet Nights: Cancel Culture

Part of Violet Nights

Add your voice to the debate on the worthiness and effectiveness of cancel culture and whether you can ever separate the art from the artist.

In an age of problematic faves, insensitive branding and allegations of abuse, what does it mean to cancel your favourite artist, celebrity or brand and how effective is it?

Examine who decides which artists are cancelled, and how, and what the response can be towards fans who chose to continue watching or listening to the artist’s works.

We ask ourselves if it’s possible to reconcile our love for an artist’s work with homophobic or racist posts uncovered on their social media accounts, or revelations of alleged abuse.

Even brands can be boycotted for controversial and insensitive ad campaigns – but can it be classed as groupthink and how deep can the outrage really go, if, despite the popularity of hashtags like #MuteRKelly, following the broadcast of documentary series Surviving R Kelly, streams of the artist’s music went up 116% (as reported by Billboard).

Violet Nights is our social space for young people to express their views and explore topical issues through music, performance and discussion.

Dates & times

30 May 2019
Approximate run time: 120 mins
Run times may vary, find out more


Royal Festival Hall
Blue Room, Level 1


Free, but ticketed

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Age recommendation
For ages 18 – 30