Planningtorock - Powerhouse

Part of Kiss My Genders

Love, healing, queerness, gender identities and survival – it’s Planningtorock’s empowering musical show.

Planningtorock uses storytelling, personally filmed biographical videos, spoken word, dance, stage design and lighting to create an intimate musical live experience that brings empathy, reflection, joy and comfort to the audience.

The show features all the songs from the Powerhouse album and showcases new songs written especially for the event.

Unabashed sensuality matches fearless, synth-popping attitude on songs such as 'Transome', 'Non-Binary Femme' and 'Jam of Finland'. It’s as far from the cisgender, heteronormative gaze as you can get.

Music affords people powerful, personal moments of transition. An autistic raver (Planningtorock’s sister) can find liberation through house music. A dedicated mother (Planningtorock’s mum) can use music as an armour.

A working-class kid (Planningtorock themselves) can hustle their way into a full-time music career and find their authentic self along the way.

Dance concert Powerhouse is self-reflexive, intimate and emotionally charged with lush, radical vulnerability.

Patriarchy, over and out
The Guardian

Dates & times

17 Jul 2019
Approximate run time: 90 mins
Run times may vary, find out more


Queen Elizabeth Hall


Booking fee: £3.00 (Members £0.00)


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