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Improvisation Workshop with David Toop

Part of Composers' Collective

Develop your improvisational skills using Stockhausen’s techniques in this workshop suitable for composers and a general audience.

Stockhausen’s composing innovations of the 1960s overlap with strategies of free improvisation.

In pieces such as Mikrophonie I (1964), he explored the electronic amplification and transformation of surfaces and resonant objects using directional microphones, filters and tam tam.

He called this process ‘auscultation’ and ‘microphony.’

In pieces such as is Telemusik (1966) and Hymnen (1966-67) he used what we now call sound sampling, in which existing recordings were electronically treated and in some cases combined with other instruments.

In pieces such as Aus den Sieben Tagen (From the seven days, 1968), he explored what he called ‘intuitive music.’

In fifteen text compositions, the piece instructs musicians to ‘play a vibration in the rhythm of the universe’, to ‘play a tone for so long until you hear its individual vibrations’ and ‘live completely alone for four days without food in complete silence, without much movement...’

David Toop leads an improvisation workshop which incorporates ideas from these three elements of Stockhausen’s compositional process.

He combining them with exercises he has devised over fifteen years of running improvisation classes at London College of Communication.

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Royal Festival Hall
Blue Room, Level 1


Free, but ticketed

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Age recommendation
For ages 18+

Event information
The workshop combines theory and practice and is open to anybody who is willing to play and participate in a spirit of cooperation.

No previous experience of improvisation, performance or musical ability is necessary.

Participants are required to bring instruments, laptops, voice or something with which to create sound.

If you have booked your ticket and want to bring an instrument that requires power or any technical or unusual set-up, please email by Friday 24 May with details.

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