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As Far as Isolation Goes

What does it feel like to be a refugee? Find out at an interactive installation by artists Tania El Khoury and Basel Zaraa.

Be guided through the emotional and mental health hardships faced by people in detention centres through painting, touch and sound.

Tania El Khoury is a live artist who creates installations and performances focused on audience interactivity and concerned with the ethical and political potential of such encounters.

Her work has been translated and presented in multiple languages and across six continents, in spaces ranging from museums to cable cars to the Mediterranean Sea.

Basel Zaraa is a spoken-word artist, visual and stencil graffiti artist, and percussionist, whose work explores themes of exile and resistance.

He performs original music and DIY sound effects for PsycheDELIGHT’s Borderline, a satire about the Calais camp. He is currently touring with Tania El Khoury’s As Far As My Fingertips Take Me.

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Queen Elizabeth Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer