Friday Lunch: Chiminyo

Part of Friday Lunch

Era-spanning dance-scapes feature ethereal arpeggios, thumping acid basslines and heavy beats at a gig from the percussionist’s electronic solo project.

With each crash of the cymbal or thump of the kick drum a cascade of elevating electronic sounds are triggered and generated by Chiminyo’s self-designed software.

The innovative set-up allows him to be in complete control, freeing him from all loops, click-tracks and backing tracks. Every synth, sample and sound effect is performed live, in real time.

Tim Doyle, aka Chiminyo, is a drummer and percussionist for a host of vital acts from the current London jazz scene, including Maisha and Theon Cross. He released his debut as Chiminyo, I Am Chiminyo, in April 2019.

a startlingly inventive percussive workout

Dates & times

20 Dec 2019
Approximate run time: 60 mins
Run times may vary, find out more
    • Fri 20 December 2019
      • 1:00 pm


Royal Festival Hall
Central Bar, Level 2