Friday Lunch: Trent Miller

Part of Friday Lunch

The singer-songwriter who fuses Americana, folk, goth and rock is emerging from the darkness on latest album Time Between Us, with a richer, more mature style.

Born and raised in the countryside of north-eastern Italy, Miller made his way to London to join the just-blooming Americana circuit, fuelled by dreams of rock’n’roll.

Miller carries with him the dual influence of the Beats and darkly troubled songwriters like Gene Clark, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Thin White Rope’s Guy Kyser.

Following 2009’s debut Cerberus, Miller released Welcome to Inferno Valley and the acclaimed Burnt Offerings, making Time Between Us his fourth album.

Released in 2018, it carries on the trajectory set by its predecessor, which saw Miller begin to move towards a hopeful glimmer on the horizon.

Miller’s fifth album is set for release in 2020.

Dates & times

24 Jan 2020
Approximate run time: 60 mins
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    • Fri 24 January 2020
      • 1:00 pm


Royal Festival Hall
Central Bar, Level 2