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London Philharmonic Orchestra: Symphony of Psalms

Part of Classical Season 2017/18

The London Philharmonic Orchestra continues its exploration of Stravinsky with Thierry Fischer and the unforgettable Symphony of Psalms.

Stravinsky’s Violin Concerto begins with a chord that was supposed to be impossible. And in 1930, in his Symphony of Psalms, he created something that truly did seem impossible in that 'low, dishonest decade': a masterpiece of deeply held religious faith, crafted from sounds that felt entirely new.

Thierry Fischer’s performance with the London Philharmonic Choir looks set to be one of the landmarks of the London Philharmonic Orchestra's Stravinsky journey. He opens with Leonard Bernstein's choral salute to the Symphony, the joyous Chichester Psalms; Stravinsky's own beautiful sacred choral miniatures provide both context and inspiration.


London Philharmonic Orchestra
Thierry Fischer
Neville Creed conductor *
Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin
William Davies treble
London Philharmonic Choir


Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms; Violin Concerto
Stravinsky: Credo *; Ave Maria *; Pater noster *
Bernstein: Chichester Psalms

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Royal Festival Hall


£10 - £65
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