Cameron Jamie

Massage the History, (2007–9)

Cameron Jamie has described his films as ‘a way to visit hidden worlds within our world.’ In Massage the History, the artist combines footage of young men in Alabama performing an erotically charged, provocative dance with living-room furniture in middle-class homes, with found footage of violent or surreal events filmed in anonymous American suburbs. In the resulting hallucinatory collage, it is difficult to distinguish where one world ends and the other begins.

The soundtrack to Massage the History is provided by a Sonic Youth track of the same name, from their 2009 album The Eternal. This hypnotic track, which replaced the hip-hop that the young men originally danced to, features vocals by Kim Gordon that Jamie describes as resembling ‘a voice from another dimension.’ As Jamie explains, the track helped to ‘refine and punctuate’ the film, which was shot and re-shot over a number of years using a variety of different formats, including 35mm film and the cameras of several mobile phones.

Cameron Jamie (b 1969, Los Angeles) lives and works in Paris.

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Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
OPERA (QM.15), 2016

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Massage the History is part of The Infinite Mix exhibition.