Elizabeth Price

K, 2015

In this two-screen video installation Elizabeth Price brings together disparate elements – text, image, synthetic voice and a stark, percussive soundtrack – in a dense and complex exploration of collective emotion, performance and mechanised production.

A ghostly stop-frame animation of the sun – created from thousands of glass plate slides taken between 1870 and 1948 – plays continuously on one of the two screens. On the other, a hypnotic CGI animation of the production of nylon stockings, each packaged under the brand name ‘K’, is interrupted or accompanied by footage of dancing performers, including 1970s country singer Crystal Gale. Binding these visual elements together is a narrative composed by Price and attributed to the Krystals, a fictional group of ‘professional mourners’. The synthetic voice – created using text-to- voice technology – describes the group’s highly ritualised practice, noting that ‘as sorrow has increasingly become contingent to all public and social affairs, any occasion of significance requires its proper acknowledgement.’ 

Elizabeth Price (b. 1966, Bradford) lives and works in London.

The Infinite Mix

K is part of The Infinite Mix exhibition.

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