Martin Creed

Work No. 1701, 2013

Martin Creed’s work often focuses on a single movement or gesture. In Work No. 1701 a range of individuals cross a New York street, accompanied by a jubilant pop song written and performed by the artist. Talking about the film, Creed has commented that ‘doing things in life, living and working, is always using your body’, and that ‘life can look like a dance’. Work No. 1701 is a celebration of the act of getting from A to B, as well as the different ways in which people move through the world.

Creed, who has been writing songs and leading a band for over 20 years, describes his music and his visual work as an ‘attempt to make something for the world’. As he explains, they both stem from the same place: the desire to ‘say hello, to try to communicate somehow.’

Martin Creed (b. 1968, Wakefield) lives and works in London.

The Infinite Mix

Work No. 1701 is part of The Infinite Mix exhibition.