Hayward Gallery
Waterloo Billboard Commission

Su-Mei Tse

3 Sep - 19 Oct 2018

Su-Mei Tse is the sixth international artist commissioned by Hayward Gallery to present work on the billboard overlooking Waterloo Bridge, a site seen by thousands of people crossing the bridge each day.

Working across video, installation, sculpture and photography Su-Mei Tse often explores altered perception, musicality, memory and sense of place.

A Certain Frame Work 3 (Villa Farnesina) (2017) is a still from a video by the artist that features an extended close-up of a glass ball being skilfully manipulated by a performer engaged in ‘contact juggling’ – a technique that requires the juggler to remain in constant contact with their prop. 

The video is one of a series of three works that the artist made in front of, or within, historic sites in Europe. Reflected in the transparent orb in this image is the interior of Villa Farnesina, a 16th century residence in Rome.

With this series, Su-Mei Tse addresses the challenge of dealing with the past in the present, and argues for a fluid and poetic relationship to history.

Su-Mei Tse (b. 1973, Luxembourg) lives and works in Luxembourg and Berlin.

Generously supported by Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong/Shanghai.

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