Discover the finest Indian classical music right here in London. Darbar Festival’s thirteenth annual celebration returns to Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2018 for two double-bill concerts featuring some of India’s best musicians.

Indian classical arts have been shaped by various influences from both indigenous and foreign sources since ancient times. In early India, many arts were derived from Vedic influences. One of the first documents articulating Indian arts is the Natya Shastra, which dates as far back as 200 BCE. It provides detailed written guidance about music and the performing arts, through 36 chapters and some 6000 poetic verses.

We at Darbar believe that everyone should benefit from live performances of this life-changing art form. If you have never been to an Indian classical concert, join us to discover an enchanting world of melody and rhythm. The concept of rasas, or emotions embedded within Indian arts, is said to have been formulated over thousands of years ago and relates to the feeling evoked when experiencing art, music, dance and cinema.

Let us introduce you to—or deepen your experience of—some of the finest improvised music and dance in the world.

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