ABC to Gamelan

Glossary of Terms:

  • Balungan: Skeleton (core) melody. 
  • Dhalang: Master puppeteer. 
  • Gamelan: Refers to both the Indonesian percussion orchestra and the type of music played on it.
  • Gendhing: Composition or piece - can also refer to a specific form of piece.
  • Gérong: Chorus of male vocalists.
  • Karawitan: Gamelan music.
  • Kepatihan: Javanese cipher notation used for gamelan music.
  • Klenengan: Meeting of musicians to play gamelan together for enjoyment or to mark a celebration or special occasion.
  • Kraton: Javanese Palace.
  • Pélog: Tuning system with 7 notes per octave.
  • Pendhapa: Indonesian Pavilion (With a roof and supporting columns but no walls.
  • Pengrawit: Skilled gamelan musician.
  • Pesindhèn: Solo female vocalist.
  • Sléndro: Tuning system with 5 notes per octave.
  • Wayang Kulit: Shadow-puppet theatre.




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